Cookie policy

1. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit a website.
2. Traffic Control may place cookies on your device for the following purposes:
2.1. authentication,
Cookies help to identify the user logging into the website, allowing to personalize the user's experience.
2.2. security and fraud prevention,
Cookies help detect malicious activity, fraud and violations of the terms and conditions of use of this website.
2.3. determination of preferences and functions,
2.4. advertising,
Traffic Control uses cookies to determine whether to show you advertising for its services (not only to show you advertising, but also in certain situations to avoid showing you advertising).
2.5. analytical data.
Determining how the various options offered through the website work with different groups and locations, how the different offers and advertisements work, and how the user has used them.
3. In addition, when you use the website, third parties may place cookies on your device. Traffic Control has no control over these cookies. Certain third parties may change over time. These are some of the third parties:, (, (, (
4. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including disabling their acceptance by the device, through your browser settings preferences. However, if you limit the ability of websites to place cookies, it may worsen the overall user experience because they will no longer be personalized. It may also prevent you from saving personalized settings, such as login details. Similarly, the placement of some cookies helps Traffic Control prevent fraud (for example, by determining multiple logins from a single device). If you disable your device's ability to accept such cookies, you may lose access to this website and the services provided through this website.
5. Most devices also allow you to delete cookies that have already been stored on the user's device.
6. Browser manufacturers provide help pages related to cookie management in their products.
6.1. Chrome
6.2. Microsoft Edge
6.3. Internet Explorer
6.4. Firefox
6.5. Safari (desktop)
6.6. Safari (mobile)
6.7. Opera
7. If you access this website without changing your browser settings, Traffic Control will assume that you agree to receive cookies that Traffic Control or third parties place on your device when you use this website.
8. Links to detailed information on the use of cookies by third parties - Google Privacy & Terms